Reputable Breeders of Purebred Vizsla Puppies

Responsible Genetics

We only outcross when we breed. Our male and female are unrelated. Anything else will intensify any genetic problems the dogs may have. Please beware for there are many breeders out there who carelessly inbreed. Many years ago, we became anxious and did not study a pedigree before purchasing a vizsla as a pet. After 3 years, we had to get rid of the dog because of serious genetic defects. For more information about responsible genetics, read AKC Responsible Breeding Step 5 - Know Your Genetics.

Responsible Breeding

Responsible breeders seek to improve their breeds with every litter. We must spend an enormous amount of time researching pedigrees of the dogs we want to breed. We must continually learn as much as we can about our breeds, including health, temperament, appearance and type. We also need to know about general dog behavior, training and health care. In short, we become canine experts.

A Litter of Six Beautiful Puppies

Responsible breeders have the ability to separate our love for our dogs and determine if our dogs are right for breeding. We must have a detached point of view to get an honest evaluation of the dogs. Rusty and Rasta are the result of several years of careful pedigree research. We examined their coats, overall temperament, owners personality, and obtained positive confirmation with our vet on their health. To date, our dogs have produced some of the smartest, healthiest, and family/hunting perfect pups in the Vizsla world. View our references and see for yourself.

Responsible Upbringing

We follow the AKC Responsible Breeder Guidelines. In short, our pups are treated like royalty. We have a 7’ by 12’ heated and air conditioned dog house located in a 20’ by 60’ dog run next to our home. We have full control over the climate of the dog house. Recently, we installed an outdoor live camera that allows us to monitor the dog house remotely. People who buy a pup will have access to the camera so they can watch until their puppy is old enough to come home! We also have an acre of fenced land that our grown dogs thoroughly enjoy. When we are home, our dogs live and sleep in our house.

The puppies are born in the climate controlled dog house. Rasta will have her privacy and we will watch close by. After the birth, within a day or two, the pups will be taken to the vet for examination and will have their dew claws removed and tails docked.

We handle the puppies daily, massage their feet to get them used to nail clipping and pet them on their backs. This teaches them to trust human hands. When the time approaches to ship the puppies to you, we put a few of them together in a crate at night to transition them for the ride to their new home. This will get them used to being separated from their dam during travel. These are just a few steps that we perform from birth to arrival to your home. If you want more information, please contact us.